IN Focus: Carson, Banks call for public release of Mueller probe

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INDIANAPOLIS – After several days back home from Congress, lawmakers are set to return to the nation’s capital amidst a storm of new developments in the Mueller probe. Though the findings are now completed and delivered to the attorney general, their ultimate impact is still unclear. Before news broke of the probe’s conclusion, we spoke with two members of Indiana’s congressional delegation on Wednesday to get their take on the significance of the Mueller investigation, and whether its findings should be made public. “(Mueller) is an accomplished investigator,” said Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), a member of the House intelligence committee. “So we’re still doing our work on the committee, you still have the southern district and what they’re doing, and the hope is that we can stay in line with what the framers envisioned and have separate but equal branches of government working to act as a check and balance against the administration. My hope is that taxpayers and citizens will see that their interests are being protected as legislators ask the right question to witnesses and we get to the bottom of this.” “What I find is that whether you support President Donald Trump or whether you have a deep seeded hatred of President Trump, all Americans want this behind us,” said Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN). “They want the report to be made public . They don’t want to draw conclusions through the lens of the members of congress or even the media about what the report means, they want to come to those conclusions on their own. The best recipe is transparency, I think all of us agree, that’s the best way forward.”

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