IN Focus: Donnelly on healthcare, outsourcing controversies

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INDIANAPOLIS – The health care debate in the U.S. Senate was just one of the ongoing issues facing Sen. Joe Donnelly this past week.

In the video above, Donnelly shares his thoughts on the GOP health care bill stalling in the Senate after Sen. John McCain’s health scare, and his concerns about the latest news in the Russia investigation.

Donnelly’s seat is up for re-election in 2018, and while health care has been a major focus for potential political opponents, a new controversy emerged recently for the Donnelly campaign.

The AP reported last week that Donnelly made at least $15,000 in dividends last year on stock he owns in his brother’s business, which used Mexican labor despite Donnelly’s frequent criticism of companies like Carrier that outsource jobs to Mexico.

Sen. Donnelly was quick to speak on the issue last week, announcing he’d made plans to sell off the stock.

“This is my brother’s company,” said Donnelly in an interview on Thursday. “I haven’t had any active role in it in over twenty years and didn’t even know about this until last week when it came out.”

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