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In a pair of exclusive interviews, Indy’s mayoral candidates are sitting down with FOX59 IN Focus as they enter the final stretch of this fall’s campaign.

In the video above, Democrat Joe Hogsett discusses the campaign for mayor and his public safety platform.

Hogsett says he wants the city to build a new jail, but he questions the need for a huge new justice center as proposed by current Mayor Greg Ballard.

“We need a new jail, there’s no question about that, and if elected mayor I would be committed to building a new jail,” said Hogsett. “Whether we need an entirely new justice center with courtrooms for all the judges, and all the buzzers bell whistles that went with this proposal, I’ll reserve judgment on that for right now, but clearly we need a new jail.”

In the video below, Hogsett talks about his plans for a new jail and his stance on education issues, including the possibility of expanding pre-K programs in Indianapolis.