IN Focus: Kasich mulling future, says Democrats moving ‘further to the left’

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GREENCASTLE, Ind.- During a visit to DePauw University this past week, former Presidential candidate John Kasich (R-OH) said he was still mulling his political future, while calling for politicians to find middle ground in these divided and contentious times.

“Right now, you’re seeing Democrats move to the left,” said Kasich. “Medicare for all is a good example, wealth taxes things like that, and what’s critical is to have ideas you can have… if you don’t like Obamacare, what’s the answer? Are you willing to recognize there’s a growing gap between the rich and poor, and if you are, what are you willing to do? I don’t think you win be rejecting, and you certainly don’t improve the public discourse if you’re negative and don’t have a better idea.”

Kasich ran for President in 2016, but dropped out the day after the Indiana primary when Donald Trump won a resounding victory in the Hoosier State.

Days before the primary, Kasich pulled many of his resources away from Indiana to focus on other states, while Ted Cruz went all in on his failed last-ditch effort to defeat Trump in Indiana.

Since 2016, the former Ohio governor has positioned himself as more of a centrist, leading some to believe he might consider an independent run for President in the future, or try and challenge Trump in the 2020 primary.

“All my options are on the table,” said Kasich. “In terms of my political future, I really don’t know, in terms of, is there a lane, is there a path. It’s yet to be determined.”

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