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INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) appeared on this week’s edition of IN Focus to discuss the impeachment inquiry and his work on the House intelligence committee that’s investigating the President. Amidst a flurry of new developments this week, Carson tells us he feels the House is headed towards articles of impeachment. “I think we are certainly headed that direction,” said Carson, who also reacted to the President’s remarks openly calling on China and Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son. “For him to openly do this kind of call is blatant and its disrespectful,” Carson said. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) also discussed the impeachment inquiry before a speech in Indianapolis on Friday evening. “What we know is this is an abuse of power of the highest order and I think the most important question in the weeks ahead in Washington will be whether Republicans in the House and Senate are reunited with their conscience,” said Buttigieg.
Friday afternoon the House intelligence committee heard from the intelligence community’s inspector general, continuing their work on the investigation even during the congressional fall recess. “We hope to hear the truth,” said Carson. “But we also want to send a message to any whistle-blowers out there that we will do whatever we can in our power to protect you.” Carson also defended his committee chair Adam Schiff (D-IN) who has been criticized by Republicans and President Trump in recent days, amidst reports he may have had some contact with the whistle-blower ahead of the complaint being filed. “First of all, that hasn’t been proven,” said Carson. “But I think it’s important to note that the whistle-blower has the right to come directly to the committee, if he or she feels as though the process could be corrupted.” Here are more excerpts from our one-on-one interview with Rep. Carson: Would you vote for articles of impeachment if they came to the floor today?
“At this point, absolutely… I think that its clear that Trump is making the case for impeachment himself. He doesn’t need democrats to make the case, he’s doing it for himself.”
How will Vice President Pence be impacted by the investigation?
“It’s hard to say… I think that vice president pence has stated that while he had knowledge of the call, he was kind of involved, he didn’t have any awareness of any attempt to use Ukraine as an apparatus to get dirt on Joe Biden… though Vice President Pence and I have some (different) philosophical views, I’ve always thought of him as a patriotic guy.”
Do you think this will affect Joe Biden’s campaign?
“I don’t think so. Its still too early to say. There’s so many variables right now, but I think people know that Joe Biden has a great record of public service. I think that Trump has been so dishonorable as it relates to the presidency. The great focus is on Donald Trump.”
Where is this headed?
“Hopefully toward an awakening from the American people that they want to see new leadership in the White House. I think it re-instills confidence in the political process. I think it should instill confidence especially in the intelligence community that if you see wrong doing, there is still a place you can go to get protection and that’s the intelligence committee… hopefully that people will walk away with this that the founding fathers, while complicated, were still brilliant in making sure there are checks and balances.”