IN Focus: Sen. Braun on national emergency, Mueller probe

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INDIANAPOLIS – Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) appeared on this week’s edition of IN Focus, discussing a number of controversial topics in the news, including the looming conclusion of the Mueller probe, the President’s declaration of a national emergency and reports indicating the President could be looking to replace Director of National Intelligence and former Indiana senator Dan Coats. Braun told CBS4’s Frank Mickens that he hopes new Attorney General William Barr will release portions of the Mueller report to the public. “I think at this stage of the game if you don’t air it out there, there are going to be questions about what’s within it,” said Braun. “So, I think it’s going to be up the attorney general with what happens. But my belief about everything is transparency, peer into it, because if not, people are going to question what actually happened so of course he’ll do what he thinks is probably correct and I respect that. But I err on the side of wanting to know what’s within it.” Braun has supported the President’s declaration of a national emergency at the Southern border, bucking others in his party who have questioned the constitutionality of the move. “Most Americans believe we need some form of border security,” said Braun. “That’s morphed, of course, from a wall everywhere to a barrier in places and smart technology. I knew it was going to end up there eventually, but President Trump, that was one of the centerpieces of what he ran on… I think he was entitled to do that because if you don’t think there’s a crisis at the southern border and it’s an emergency in the sense that it’s accumulated over a long period of time, with dire consequences, I don’t know what you’re paying attention to.” And regarding the reports the Coats could soon be dismissed from his role in the Trump administration, Braun said the discussion may be premature, though he acknowledged the likelihood of a philosophical divide between the two. “Coats is now in a position where he’s seeing things differently from President Trump,” said Braun. “And again, part of the style of President Trump is you’re gonna have conflicts from within because he has a strong opinion on everything, whether that means you can’t get along in some fashion and move forward, who knows? I think if you’re so far apart, that’s when you part company because it’s not a workable relationship, whether we’re there yet I think it’s too early to tell.” In the video below, Braun is also asked about the recent suggestion from former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe that Trump could be a ‘Russian agent’ and other issues in the news.

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