IN Focus: Sen. Donnelly on Kavanaugh hearings, Trump’s troubles

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INDIANAPOLIS – Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) appeared on this week’s edition of IN Focus, discussing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing and other issues in the news.

Donnelly met with Kavanaugh last month, with his vote being closely watched ahead of this year’s midterm election. The incumbent Senator is seeing pressure from all sides and facing a tough reelection campaign against Republican businessman Mike Braun.

Groups like the Judicial Crisis Network and Demand Justice are spending millions of dollars in several key states, including Indiana. Federal records show about $600,000 has been spent on advertising in the Indianapolis market alone.

“I’m still reviewing the cases (Kavanaugh) has been part of,” said Donnelly. “I want to make sure we get all our homework done to make the best possible decision for the state of Indiana.”

In the video above, Donnelly shares his thoughts on the confirmation hearings, the Democrats’ tactical approach, and an ongoing lawsuit threatening coverage for pre-existing conditions which Braun and President Trump have supported.

“When the President is right in regards to things like right to try legislation… I’ll be with him every time. When the President is wrong like he has been trying to take away coverage for pre-existing conditions, I’ll fight him,” said Donnelly.

Donnelly was also asked about recent calls for impeachment hearings, with fellow Democrats like Andre Carson (D-IN) suggesting now may be the time to consider such a move.

Donnelly, who has sided with the President on some issues, told us he thought such conversations were premature.

“I’ve not called for impeachment, I don’t think at this point it’s appropriate,” said Donnelly. “That’s a discussion that, at this point, does not make sense while the special prosecutor is still doing his work.”

Sen. Donnelly was also asked whether the recent controversies involving the President would complicate the Kavanaugh confirmation, as some of his fellow Democrats have suggested.

“The President’s issues and challenges he has are one thing, the Supreme Court is something else,” said Donnelly. “So I’m ready to work when the work is before us. This is moving forward and I’m ready to do all the work that’s required of me.”

Sen. Donnelly’s opponent, Mike Braun, says he believes Donnelly will ultimately vote to confirm Kavanaugh, but not until it’s clear Kavanaugh will have enough support from Republicans to ensure his confirmation.

“He’s basically taking his marching orders from Chuck Schumer,” said Braun at a press conference this week.

Braun appeared on last week’s edition of IN Focus to discuss a wide range of topics and controversies from the campaign trail, including the scrutiny on his business, and his views on the President.

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