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ANDERSON, Ind. – Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) spoke with reporters at an event on Friday, discussing a wide range of issues in the news, including the controversy over the President’s national emergency declaration, the stalled talks with North Korea and the explosive testimony in Congress from former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

“I’m going to let the committees of jurisdiction really follow that,” said Young on the Cohen hearings. “I did not follow that testimony in great detail, but I’m not sure we learned a lot of new things from it.”

Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) sits on the House Intelligence Committee, one of three congressional panels to question Cohen this past week.

Carson can’t talk about the specifics of what was discussed, but said he felt the hearings proved to be substantial.

“Michael Cohen’s conviction for lying to Congress, as well as serious allegations leveled in his public hearing (Wednesday) before the House Oversight Committee, raise critical concerns, as well as new lines of inquiry that must be fully pursued,” said Carson in a written statement. “While I cannot disclose the details of his testimony today, the aforementioned developments make clear that the House Russia investigation must continue and that my colleagues on both side of the aisle should participate fully in the interest of protecting our democracy and its institutions.”

Carson’s committee will question Cohen again on Wednesday in another closed-door session.

The bombshell hearings took place amid several other ongoing controversies, including the President’s declaration of a national emergency to obtain more funding for a border wall.

At his event on Friday morning, Sen. Young said he had not yet decided how he would vote on a bill passed by the House that would block the President’s national emergency declaration.

“I haven’t made up my mind as with a respect to the emergency declaration, I of course want to make sure that whatever I do is consistent with the law and constitution,” said Young. “Courts will show a measure of deference to the administration on this, courts probably do not want to be in the place to decide what constitutes and emergency and what doesn’t constitute an emergency. I’m going to review every conceivable statute that might be invoked under the emergency powers act.”

Young was also asked about the stalled talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“I certainly wasn’t disappointed in the President,” said Young. “I do agree with the president in that sometimes you have to visit people who are unsavory and sometimes you have to walk away from negotiations.”

Young was in Anderson calling for new regulations for the trucking industry, allowing 18 to 21 year olds to work in apprenticeship roles while preparing for a career in the industry.