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INDIANAPOLIS – After a disappointing election year in 2016, Indiana Democrats are looking ahead to the 2018 midterms, determined to dispute the notion that their party’s influence is waning at the state level.

Last year’s election brought GOP victories in the race for Governor and U.S. Senate, while Democrats saw their numbers dwindle further in the state Senate, where they now hold just nine of 50 seats.

Despite that, Zody says he’s hopeful for the future.

“The state of the Democratic party in this state is strong. I don’t believe it’s in disarray,” said Zody. “Nationally, there’s a dialogue going on about the future of the party and we’re a part of that dialogue, but we’re going to stay focused on Indiana, on our 92 counties and nine congressional districts.”

Zody said they’re working to recruit Congressional candidates for 2018, in the wake of some surprisingly close special elections in the red states of Georgia and Kansas. Zody felt that same momentum could translate to renewed opportunities for Democrats to try and make gains in Indiana’s 2nd, 5th and 8th congressional districts.

“Hoosiers are upset and they’re organizing,” said Zody. “So thank you for that, Mr. President.”

In a prepared statement Friday, Zody added:

“It’s a simple standard. Can Hoosiers name an accomplishment of Trump’s that demonstrably improves their lives? No. Since taking office, hundreds of Indiana jobs are still leaving for Mexico. How has Trump reprimanded those who move jobs abroad? By proposing to slash their taxes with no way to pay for it. On health care, the President seems intent on leaving 400,000 Hoosiers – many receiving coverage for the first time – with no health care coverage and nowhere to turn. His budget threatens vital Indiana teacher training programs and critical after-school services for vulnerable Hoosier children. That’s not leadership, it’s shortsighted and without vision. President Trump does have some “accomplishments.” He’s made it easier for internet companies to sell your browsing history and harder for millennials to pay down student loans or buy a home. The good news? It is only 1,284 days to Election Day 2020, and Indiana Democrats will be working every day until then to do what’s right for Hoosier families.”