IN Focus: Tech executive Josh Owens launches campaign for governor

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INDIANAPOLIS - There's a new candidate in the race for governor, and he's making history as the first openly gay candidate for the office.

Josh Owens appeared on this week's edition of IN Focus to discuss his campaign, and some of the issues he's hoping to highlight, including education and teacher pay.

"I look at my getting into this race and I’m sure people view it as historic and new and that’s great, but most importantly I want my race to focus on the issues that are affecting every single Hoosier," said Owens.

The 34-year old tech executive still needs to gather enough signatures to get on the ballot, and says he'll need to raise more than 10 million dollars to wage a successful campaign. He could also face a contentious primary, with former state health commissioner Woody Myers already in the race and State Sen. Eddie Melton considering a run for governor.

Indiana Democratic Party chairman John Zody issued a statement on Owens' announcement Monday.

“Josh Owens is a new voice as the process to select the Party’s nominee for governor continues to play out," said Zody. "Hoosier Democrats look forward to learning more about Owens’ campaign and plans for our state. We know Eric Holcomb is a do-nothing governor who has failed to raise teacher pay, lower the cost of health care or clean up state government.”

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