INDIANAPOLIS – After a the busy campaign season ahead of the midterms, IN Focus is speaking with Transportation Secretary and former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) about Democratic progress nationally, as well as his own political future.

Speaking with Kristen Eskow on Tuesday morning, Buttigieg said he was pleased with how Democrats were progressing, adding that his party has done “much better” than the historical norm.

“I think that reflects the difference in vision between our candidates and what you’re seeing in the congressional GOP,” Buttigieg said. “On the other side, you have a practical and problem solving approach.”

Sec. Buttigieg touted the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, saying that it was an effort multiple administrations in the making.

“The last administration said they were going to do it… but this time [Democrats] actually made it happen,” Buttigieg said. “When voters see things like that, they understand there’s a real difference in approach, difference in values, and difference in priorities.”

Even with tight numbers in both the House and Senate, Sec. Buttigieg says there’s still plenty of room to address issues on a bipartisan basis.

“Even in today’s divided Washington, bipartisan cooperation is possible,” Sec. Buttigieg said. “It’s something that Hoosier elected officials, both Democrat and Republican, have long been known for.”

Sec. Buttigieg criticized redistricting efforts, saying they made certain races more uncompetitive.

“With the way the districts have been drawn in some of these races, the field has been tilted a little bit against Democrats,” Sec. Buttigeig said. “That is never going to be a reason for our candidates to do anything but work extra hard… to earn those seats and earn those votes.”

Looking towards the future, Sec. Buttigieg says he is “focused on the day job” as head of the Department of Transportation. He praised President Biden for his agenda, and said he’ll continue to work moving the administration’s priorities forward.

“I’ve got my hands more than full, and focused on just trying to do a good job.”

Watch more from Buttigieg in the video above.