IN Focus: Young, Braun discuss looming Senate trial

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INDIANAPOLIS - Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) and Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) appeared on this week's edition of IN Focus to discuss the looming impeachment trial in the Senate with lawmakers now just days away from a final vote in the House.

In the video above, the Republican senators share their thoughts on the process, and outline what they'd like to see happen in the Senate.

"I don't think the process has been entirely fair," said Young. "That being said, I'm doing my due diligence. I am following the facts. I'm going to be an objective juror. I think that's really important so that I fulfill my duties as a United States Senator."

"I think we have all heard the major points laid out there," said Braun. "There was no quid pro quo, there was no direct testimony, only what was heard elsewhere... it's preempted so much other stuff from getting done. But all of us will listen carefully to see if there is anything new that comes once it gets here to the Senate."

And while the President is likely to be acquitted by the Republican-held Senate early next year, both of Indiana's senators did express some degree of concern over the President's phone call with Ukraine.

"I think was inappropriate on the part of the President (but) not impeachable," said Braun.

"Look, it's not what I would have done," said Young. "I would not have made the utterances that were reflected in that transcript. The real question here is not whether I would have made it. I'm not the President of the United States... The real question is does this constitute a high crime and misdemeanor? As a potential and likely juror in this matter, I can't speak to that right now."

In the video below, Young also discusses the passage of the USMCA, which now heads to the Senate, though it's likely it won't be voted on until after the impeachment trial.

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