Indiana Election Commission approves primary changes


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indiana Election Commission is moving forward with the Governor’s request to push back the state’s primary election. The postponed date of June 2nd was approved during a virtual meeting this morning. 

If you are a registered voter or become one by May 4th, you will be able to vote by mail this primary. 

These changes were adopted so voters and poll workers can stay safe as the state works to get COVID-19 under control. 

“This is a very bipartisan approach to making sure that elections continue to happen and we can protect our democratic process,” said Paul Okeson, Chair of Indiana Election Commission.

“The Election Division, both Co-directors are working together again in a very bipartisan fashion to make sure that all the county clerks in Indiana have good guidance and access to information and the ability to ask questions so the process.”

Another Election Commission meeting is scheduled in April to discuss what will happen with the state party conventions. 

At this point, in person polls are still planned to be available but every registered voter can now vote by mail. 

Again, the new Primary Election Day is June 2nd, and voters must be registered by May 4, 2020.

“As a voter, you should have every confidence that this election will be pulled off in typical fashion as much as possible,” said Okeson.

More information can be found at the Indiana Secretary of State.

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