Indiana exit polls provide insight on how Trump won big in the Hoosier state

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana exit polls are shining a light on how Donald Trump was able to quickly win the Hoosier state in his path to victory.

Like many expected, a majority of voters ages 30 and up sided with Trump on Election Day. But if only the millennial generation voted, the state’s outcome might have turned out differently. Exit polls show 49% of voters 18-29 voted for Clinton while 40% voted Trump.

The polls also show education was a determining factor. 64% of voters with a high school diploma or less voted for Trump with 33% voting Clinton. On the opposite end of the education spectrum, polls show 54% of people with a postgraduate degree voted for Clinton and 39% voted for Trump.

As one might think, voters who consider themselves liberal sided with Clinton 80% of the time and those who consider themselves conservative went with Trump 84% of the time, according to exit polls. As for the moderates, the candidates seem to have split the vote, with more siding with Trump at 49% and 44% siding with Clinton.

When it comes to marital status, more married people voted for Trump at 58% and Clinton at 35%. More single people sided with Clinton, but margins were close. Clinton got 47% of that vote and Trump stepped away with 46%.

When voters were asked to choose the most important issue facing the country, Trump supporters chose terrorism and Clinton voters chose foreign policy.

Voters were also asked what quality mattered most in their presidential candidate. Trump voters overwhelmingly chose the ability to bring needed change and Clinton supporters were adamant that they wanted a candidate with experience.

When asked how they thought the government was working, most Clinton voters said they were satisfied, but not enthusiastic. Trump voters said they were angry.

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