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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indiana University professor said he lived in the same Yale University dorm as Judge Brett Kavanaugh and had information for the FBI, but was never called back.

Bill Scheuerman said he was not friends with Kavanaugh, but he lived near him and had a few interactions.

“You’d have these tiny little dorm rooms and then basically a living room. And there was one on each side of the entryways. There were four entryways. So I lived in entryway A. Kavanaugh was entryway D. And the party was entryway B.”

The party he’s talking about is the event Deborah Ramirez refers to in her accusations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.

Scheuerman said he did not attend that party, but he knows people who lived in the dorm around it and called the FBI on Saturday to tell them. He said someone on the phone told him he’d get a call back, but he said no one ever called.

“I had a bunch of names of people I thought were probably there and people they should talk to,” he explained.

Even more concerning to him, Scheuerman said, a friend claiming to be able to corroborate Ramirez’s story contacted the FBI, but they didn’t call him either.

“He was told by her back in ’83, ’84 after the incident that it happened. He approached the FBI, he did an online tip form and they never got back to him,” he told FOX59. “I just think we were conned on this thing. This was not an investigation.”

Here’s what we know about the FBI investigation, according to an Executive Summary released by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The FBI interviewed 10 people including Ramirez, two alleged eyewitnesses named by her, and a close friend from college.

The conclusion reads:

The Supplemental Background Investigation confirms what the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded after its investigation: There is no corroboration of the allegations made by Dr. Ford or Ms. Ramirez.

Indiana Senator Todd Young (R) believed the FBI was thorough with its investigation. He voted “Yes” to send Kavanaugh’s nomination to a final vote.

“There has been absolutely no evidence of corroborating information over the course of those interviews,” said Young.

Scheuerman knows he has critics, but he believes the investigation should’ve gone further.

“People would’ve heard about this. But the only way we’re going to know about that is if you talk to them. And that did not happen in this investigation.”