Madison Co. voters wait more than 4 hours to vote, after county commissioners decide no super precinct


MADISON Co., Ind. — There have been several issues at the polls since sunrise in Marion county. But dozens of voters in Madison County reached out to us about the extended wait times. 

“I’ve been watching it since this morning from my back door which is right behind us… It’s 4, 4 1/2 hours of people waiting from what I’ve been reading and having friends that have been in this line,” said Madison County Voter, Eric Dongus.

One the voters in line was Lee Brown.

“I got here probably at 8:45 so it was about 4 ½ hours,” said Brown.

The clerk’s office says they were supposed to be a super precinct where you would combine multiple precincts.

However, the clerk’s office says that decision was reversed by several commissioners after the primaries. And after they had already ordered the necessary equipment for the election. Which set them back quite a bit.

At that point, the election board had to begin consolidating multiple precincts into one location with no more than 5 voting machines.

“Prior to this election, we voted up at the church at front of the neighborhood. Unfortunately for whatever reasons that was no longer an option this year. So, the Summerlake HOA opened up our clubhouse for the voting process to take place inside. And I’ve never seen a turnout this large in the 14 years I have lived here,” said Dongus.

The wait times fluctuated depending on the location. There were a total of 40 polling sites where most experienced extended wait times. Voters there calling on leaders to fix the problem since they say they didn’t experience these issues during the primaries.

“It makes me feel like we don’t count as much or there was very poor planning, whose ever part it was,” said Dongus.

When our crew left Madison County at 2 p.m., Dongus was getting in line. He checked back in at 6:09 p.m. he had just finished voting.

Other Madison County voters expressed their frustration about the fact that they are required to vote in a precinct. Unlike Marion County, where voters can vote at any polling site.

“Look at your demographics. This has been a huge turnout all across the state, unprecedented. So better planning if there is a possibility,” said Dongus.

As of 8 p.m., there were still voters in Madison County at various polling sites being told they’d have to wait another 5 hours. Some voters have been given paper ballots.

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