Marion County to transition to vote centers in 2019, expand early voting

Aging voting machines in Marion County creating concerns

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Marion County voters can expect some major changes in how they vote.

Next year, the county will transition to “vote centers” that will allow voters to cast their ballot at any open polling location.

The Marion County Election Board approved the move Wednesday. Supporters said the change will increase access to voting and make the process easier for Marion County residents.

The transition to vote centers will start with the 2019 primary election. The plan is to turn all 300 current polling locations into vote centers on Election Day. The move will do away with the precinct model and allow voters to go to any polling location—making it more convenient.

Several of the centers will be open for early voting as well.

According to our media partners at the IndyStar, the change was made, in part, as a response to a lawsuit filed by Common Cause Indiana and the Indianapolis NAACP that challenged the number of early voting locations available in Marion County.

Marion County currently has only one early voting center—the City-County Building. During the 2016 election, many voters expressed frustration with long lines at the CCB.

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson applauded the move.

“Congratulations to Marion County on their decision to become a vote center county. There are now 37 counties that have adopted the vote center model,” Lawson said in a statement. “I believe the vote center model is a key in giving Hoosiers more access and opportunity to vote.”

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