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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Trey Hollingsworth, the multimillionaire who won a seat in Congress during the November election, is asking for donations to help repay money he owes to his pollster and political consultants.

Hollingsworth spent more than $3 million of his own money on the race while his father spent another $1.5 million through a super PAC. Those efforts paid off, as Hollingsworth, who moved to the Indiana in 2015, emerged victorious in the race for Indiana’s 9th Congressional District.

He still owes more than $246,000 to his pollster and other political consultants, the IndyStar reported, despite loaning his campaign another $60,000 last month on the same day his campaign gave $60,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee. Individuals, unlike campaign committees, can’t give more than $33,400 to a national party committee.

The NRCC, the campaign arm of House Republicans, included Hollingsworth on a list of candidates with campaign debt. The group is asking other GOP lawmakers to help, which is often done by handing over leftover campaign funds or giving through a PAC.

Hollingsworth has assets worth at least $58.5 million, according to the campaign’s financial disclosure report. He owns a company that renovates and markets industrial buildings.

His recently filed post-election report shows he had $579 in the bank Nov. 28 and $806,246 in outstanding debt. Most of the debt comes from personal loans that he hasn’t paid off or forgiven.

A campaign spokesman said Hollingsworth is seeking help for the unpaid campaign bills, not his loans.

According to Rob Burgess from Hollingsworth’s campaign, they did not ask the NRCC for help paying campaign debts; they’re just trying to help retire campaign debt for all freshman entering Congress. Burgess says Hollingsworth will pick up the tab for whatever is left after any help comes from the NRCC.