Next election cycle brings big decisions for mayor, governor

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INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 29, 2014) – It was just a short sound bite, but it may have been another big hint about Mayor Greg Ballard’s political future.

Speaking to reporters about a new electric vehicle fleet on Tuesday, the mayor was asked if he would be around as mayor to see the project come to fruition in the coming years.

“A lot of this (will) stick around anyways regardless of what happens,” said Mayor Ballard. “No matter what I decide one of my favorite sayings is and I’ve lived by this is that a marine officer never gets short, you never no matter how much time you have left on the job, you keep going until the end and that’s what we’re doing.”

Many experts predict the mayor will decide against running for a third term, though he won’t officially say one way or the other. Multiple sources tell FOX59 they expect the mayor will announce his decision shortly after Election Day, and Tuesday the mayor told reporters they would “find out in a couple of weeks.”

Gov. Mike Pence also has a big decision to make in the coming months- recently he told reporters during a visit to New Hampshire that he’d decide next spring if he will or won’t make a run for the presidency.

IUPUI political communications professor Kristina Sheeler says at this point it’s hard to make a prediction one way or the other.

“He’s being so vague about it. Any time he’s asked he will say ‘I’ll make that decision later,’” said Sheeler. “(Pence) is doing some things to keep the opportunities open and potentially position himself.”

FOX59 also spoke with IndyStar columnists Matthew Tully and Tim Swarens about the looming decisions facing Mayor Ballard and Gov. Pence. Watch the video above to see what they’re saying about the possibilities for the future, and see more of our conversation with Tully and Swarens about the 2014 election in this week’s edition of “On the Record” later this week.

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