On the Record: Coats ‘disappointed’ by President’s address

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WASHINGTON D.C. (Jan 21, 2015) – Lawmakers are reacting to the President’s State of the Union address- and his plan to provide students with free community college.

But it’s a plan many Republicans say they’ll reject.

“Yesterday the President got a lot of applause for free college, but who pays for it?” said Sen. Dan Coats, R-IN. “Somebody’s got to pay the bill. The President always avoids how it’s going to be paid for.”

At the state level, Democrats also have a community college proposal, coming from Senator Mark Stoops, who wants a scholarship program for two-year associate degrees.

“That may go along with any federal subsidies or federal student aid, but really I see that as opportunity for Indiana to provide that extra additional help to achieve our degree goals,” said Stoops. “Having that degree makes a big difference in the lives of any student that gets that degree.”

“Anytime a politician says this is free you better say ‘are you sure it’s free?’” said Coats. “Somebody’s got to pay for this.”

“Indiana ranks 45th in the nation for the education and skills level of their workforce so that’s no good,” said Stoops. “There are huge benefits that far outweigh that cost the initial cost of allowing students to go into community college.”


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