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INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 13, 2015) – A former Indiana congressman is considering a run for governor.

Last week Baron Hill announced he was contemplating a run in 2016, and now he’s sitting down with FOX59 in this week’s edition of ‘On the Record’ sharing his thoughts on everything from education to healthcare.

Hill says he’s assessing the landscape, and could make a decision soon.

And he says, if he runs, his campaign would focus largely on the issue of education.

“Clearly teachers feel under attack and superintendents feel like we’re moving in the wrong direction in terms of our educational policy,” said Hill, whose wife was a teacher. “It’s about talking to people, Democrats and Republicans, trying to find common ground and common solutions and unfortunately right now that’s not going on.”

On health care, Hill says he would want Indiana to form a state-run exchange, but Hill says he’s glad the state was able to reach a deal with the federal government to expand the Healthy Indiana Plan.

“I wouldn’t have done it that way, but anytime you can get 350,000 people on board for Medicaid expansion, I’m for it,” said Hill. “Now as it relates to the exchanges, I think we ought to have our own exchange. I don’t think we ought to have an exchange that’s controlled by the federal government.”

Of course when it comes to the race for governor, many questions still remain:

Is Governor Pence still considering a run for president?

And who else might run for governor? Pence’s 2012 opponent John Gregg told FOX59 he’s still thinking about running in 2016, and that he’s “never stopped campaigning.”

Meantime, Hill says he’s getting closer to a decision.

“Absolutely it’s a winnable race,” said Hill. “I think we’re getting to a point in time where I have to make that decision sooner than later.”

Hill says he’s also considered a run for the Senate in 2016, but is leaning toward running for governor. He spent a total of ten years in congress, during two different terms, before losing his seat to current Indiana congressman Todd Young.

Indiana Republican Party Chairman Tim Berry had the following statement Friday on Baron Hill being a potential candidate for governor:

“In November, Indiana’s voters showed their overwhelming approval of our state’s current direction under Republican leadership,” said Berry. “Gov. Mike Pence continues on a path of maintaining fiscal responsibility, supporting pro-growth policies, and making Indiana a better place to live, work and raise a family. Thousands of uninsured low-income Hoosiers now have access to quality care thanks to HIP 2.0. Pence’s innovative and consumer-driven health care plan lowers costs and gives patients more control of their own health care – all without additional cost to taxpayers, new taxes or new state spending. In spite of the failed one-size-fits-all policies out of Washington, D.C., our state has thrived doing things the Indiana way.”