Role of money in race for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District


INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Republicans and Democrats are spending big money on campaigns to replace GOP Congresswoman Susan Brooks in the 5th District.

Though most contributions are coming from individual donors, some are coming from outside the state.

The race for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District is getting national attention because it’s competitive and could impact the overall balance of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“It’s not particularly unusual to see campaign contributors from other places in the country that recognize an important race,” said Laura Wilson, an associate political science professor at the University of Indianapolis.

Campaign documents show Democrat Christina Hale and Republican Victoria Spartz have both raised well over a million dollars.

Both candidates are adamant those contributions won’t impact their actions in Congress.

“I think it’s important that voters pay attention, not to the party, but to the person and results,” said Victoria Spartz. “What is the proven record?”

“I’m really proud to be endorsed by End Citizens United, which is a group dedicated to getting this big, dark money out of politics,” said Christina Hale.

However, Libertarian candidate Ken Tucker said that questioning is the very reason he has refused to fund raise, even if money is offered to his campaign.

“I think in the other sense it’s kind of empowering to be just me, and that’s all I’ve asked for from people is to get to know me,” said Tucker.

Despite the millions being raised in this race, Wilson said Hoosiers shouldn’t be worried.

“I do think we should be concerned if an overwhelming amount of funding, the majority of it, was coming from outside the state, but that’s not the case in terms of this race,” said Wilson.

She recommends people don’t focus on the money when it comes time to vote.

“You should look at the candidate and what they stand for,” said Wilson.

Links to all three of candidates’ websites are below:

Victoria Spartz

Christina Hale

Ken Tucker

If you would like to look up contributions, click here and enter the name of each candidate in the search bar.

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