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The verdict in the George Zimmerman trial in Florida has one Indiana lawmaker calling for a review of Indiana’s self defense laws.

The laws in both states are very similar, but there is one difference that stands out.  In Indiana, the law says if you are the initial aggressor, you cannot use deadly force in self defense. Florida law says you cannot use deadly force if you provoked the attack.

Some argue that Zimmerman was the initial aggressor by following Martin and engaging him. Because of this, the verdict could have been different if the shooting had happened in Indiana.

A Carmel attorney who focuses on gun laws in Indiana says bringing a gun into a situation is the gun owner’s responsibility and they must know the risks involved.

“Retreat is not required under Indiana law, but I think it’s always wise to ask yourself if you should involve yourself in a circumstance that you’re not involved in and secondly, do you have any other options to avoid the use of deadly force in self defense,” said Guy Relford.

The Zimmerman case has state lawmakers like Jean Breaux calling for a review.

“Now that we have seen the real life implication of how these self defense laws function, we have an obligation as legislators to our citizens that we make sure those laws do everything they can to prevent an act of violence and to do everything it can to defuse that situation as much as possible,” said Breaux.

A review of Indiana’s self defense laws, including the Stand Your Ground Law, could be presented at the next legislative session.