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Two central Indiana Ponderosa Steakhouse locations have closed, affecting 140 workers.

According to a WARN notice sent to the Department of Workforce Development, the move includes the Anderson location at 5009 S. Scatterfield Road and the Beech Grove location at 5005 S. Emerson Ave.

“This action is expected to be permanent in nature and these locations will be closed,” the notice read. “This action is due to the unexpected reduction of business caused by the worldwide pandemic. More particularly, the sudden and unexpected reduction of business caused by the pandemic coupled with the additional requirements for buffet restaurants have fundamentally changed the financial feasibility of business operations.”

The Anderson location closed effective Aug. 24. The Beech Grove restaurant closed on Aug. 28. The operator, CMR Partners, said it tried to adjust operations but the “unpredictable consumer demand” made it “infeasible” to continue.

The move affects 68 employees at the Anderson location and 72 at the Beech Grove one.

CMR Partners also operated the Greenfield location, which closed in July.