Potholes are becoming a big problem in Central Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 9, 2014) — The extreme cold from a few days ago and the forecasted warmer weather this weekend is about to begin introducing a host of new obstacles on the roads. The big weather swings are the chief cause of potholes, and they are already starting to pop up.

When you have cold temperatures then warm temperatures, precipitation and the constant running of plows, roadways take a beating. But, we want to make sure you and your vehicle are both protected from the damaging craters.

There are already potholes forming on Fall Creek Pkwy. at Delaware St. in one of the turn lanes. Also, on 30th St. near Guilford, the road is beginning to break apart. But, there is a problem.

“The same crews that are plowing snow right now are the crews that are on the streets filling those potholes. So, obviously right now, those potholes aren’t being filled,” said Stephanie Wilson, Communications Director with the Department of Public Works.

She says the hope is once the roads are plowed, potholes that are reported to the city will be filled to smooth out your commute starting next week.
But the key is reporting them…

“We can’t find them all ourselves, so we really do rely on citizens to report them,” Wilson said.

You can go to the D.P.W.’s website and file a report. Once you fill out the form, it’ll be sent directly to them with a report number. And usually with in three days, it’ll be filled after being checked for accuracy and to see if it’s the city’s responsibility. If you can safely do so, take a picture and tweet it to FOX59 using #potholepatrol. That way we can see where the potholes are and report them.

“We try to get out there quickly to take care of them,” Wilson said.

The website to report a pothole to the city is http://maps.indy.gov/IndyPotholeViewer

After the page has loaded, you can click on “file a pothole report” to begin that process.

You can also report potholes to the Indiana Department of Transportation. You can call 1 (855) 463-6848 or go visit their Facebook and Twitter pages. INDOT says they usually patch potholes with in a 24 hour period if manpower allows.

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