Voyeurism suspect arrested; 11 year old victim speaks

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Police have arrested a suspect at the Lafayette Road Wal-Mart for using his cell phone to snap pictures up the skirts of women and girls. 37 year old Shawn Dean is facing numerous charges. One of his victims was an 11 year old girl.

Considering what this girl went through here yesterday, she was still willing to tell her story as long as her identity isn’t revealed.
It’s quite a story to tell. She says it’s made her be more aware of her surroundings.

“I knew he was there, but he wasn’t too close to me, so I didn’t know if he was just standing there or if he was just looking at the shelf,” said the girl.

She says she was with her Mom, at the Wal-Mart buying some things for around the house.

“I felt his presence, and, I didn’t know if he was too close or too far away,” said the 11 year old girl.

But, she says she just kept to herself.

“There was nothing on the shelf next to me, and since he was only there for only 20 seconds, I assumed he had seen the shelf and realized that there was nothing there, but I had heard nothing and it had seemed normal.”

The girl soon find out that Shawn Dean would be secretly snapping cell phone pics up her skirt.

“When I found out, I was kinda worried, not only for myself, but if he had done it to other young girls, wondering what he would do with that,” said the girl.

Police say Dean did, in fact, take pics up another girl’s skirt. A security guard and a police officer caught him in the act and arrested him.
Now, the 11 year old girl has some advice for other girls who may be scared.

“If you feel insecure about something, or something seems wrong, just slowly walk away and not make it seem like you’re too scared or anything. Just walk away to your parent and just kinda stay close to them until it passes.”

Police say two cell phones belonging to Shawn Dean were placed in evidence for this investigation. He was charged with four counts of voyeurism.

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