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At least eleven tornadoes hit Indiana during a string of severe weather Sunday. Teams with the National Weather Service surveyed areas that sustained heavy damage from those storms.

According to their preliminary findings, six of the tornadoes are considered EF2 tornadoes.

NWS officials said one team assessed the tornado in Boone County that began near County Road 150 S/300 W and moved northeast into Lebanon, ending in a neighborhood behind the damaged Starbucks. Preliminary findings revealed that tornado had a maximum wind speed of 120 mph, was 75 yards wide and traveled 3.5 miles.

A team that surveyed damage from Vincennes to Washington, Ind., determined an EF2 tornado traveled west of 6th Street and CR 1600S in SW Knox County.  That tornado was 100 yards wide and traveled 19.4 miles. That team also said an EF2 hit in Washington, Ind.; it was 130 yards wide and had a 2.75 mile path length.

Two EF2 tornadoes were reported in Kokomo.  NWS officials said one tornado was short in size but another tornado was reported to be approximately 10 miles in length.

The National Weather Service confirmed an EF0 tornado in the western part of Grant County and an EF1 north of Bedford that packed maximum winds around 90 mph. A second Ef2 tornado also hit Grant County, the NWS said.

Crews in Atlanta, Ind., said their initial assessment showed an EF1 tornado packing maximum winds of 100 mph hit there. EF1 tornadoes were also reported in Sheridan and Rensselaer.

Preliminary tornado findings:

  • Atlanta (1) – EF1
  • Bedford (1) – EF1
  • Grant County (2) – EF0, EF2
  • Knox County (1) – EF2
  • Kokomo (2) – EF2, EF2
  • Lebanon (1) – EF2
  • Rensselaer (1) – EF1
  • Sheridan (1) – EF1
  • Washington (1) – EF2