Private jet trips, mistresses revealed in trial against former Marsh CEO

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The former CEO of Marsh Supermarkets is in hot water.

“Yeah I would say it’s got a hint of scandal to it,” said Indianapolis Business Journal reporter Scott Olson.

And through it all, Marilyn Marsh continues to stand by her man, leaving court arm in arm after enduring some hurtful testimony in her husband’s civil trial.

Marsh Supermarkets said Don Marsh used company funds to pay for personal trips and expenses totaling $3 million.  However, that’s not all. Olson, who has been following the trial since the beginning, said the details are pretty juicy when it comes to the company jet.

“A lot of those travels include visiting several mistresses,” Olson said.

Marsh Supermarkets said its former CEO was using the company jet for his own personal flings.  They claimed he was going from Indiana to New York twice a month in the year 2000 to visit a mistress.

“A Russian woman who was involved in a Russian Ice Ballet,” Olson said.  “And he was thinking about sponsoring that in the U.S. Have Marsh Supermarkets sponsor it and he put her up in an apartment in New York City.”

There were also five trips to Tennessee to visit another woman.

“I guess what they’re calling a high school friend in Tennessee that he would also take the jet to,” Olson said.

Marsh admitted in court the friend was one of his five mistresses.

“He’s claiming that they were business related trips all around the world,” Olson said.  “Marsh Supermarkets says they’re personal.”

Don Marsh is fighting back.  He is suing Marsh Supermarkets, stating they stopped his retirement payouts and the supermarket chain owes him $2 million.

The trial is expected to wrap up by the end of the week.  Despite the scandal, Olson said this court battle and the embarrassing details that are coming out in the trial do not seem to be hurting the Marsh brand.

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