Noblesville drummer celebrates homecoming concert at Ruoff


NOBLESVILLE — A week from Friday, August 20, the country music trio Runaway June, will open for superstar Luke Bryan at the Ruoff Music Center

For one member of the band, the concert will also serve as a homecoming performance. 

They say everyone does for somewhere and somewhere along State Road 38 in Noblesville Dave Elwert first heard it…

“You could hear off in the distance the kick drum thumping, you know?” Professional drummer and music producer Dave Elwert said. “My friends and I, we could hear that, and we were just sorta… taken back by it.”

After all those years, Dave is still marching to the beat of his own drum – back home in Indiana. His dream, like his drums has taken form in all different shapes and sizes.

“After that night I knew pretty early on that I wanted to play drums for a living,” Dave said. “I wanted to be a rock drummer. You know and try to explain that to your parents!”

Dave, now a band member of the country music trio Runaway June, has performed many recognizable songs to avid country music listeners – you could say his dream has come true.

At a cost.

“I’ve missed about everything… and it’s tough at times for sure… but they’re supportive. They know how much work it’s taken to just get to this point,” Dave said. “Through it all I know I am super, super fortunate for my family, my wife, my parents too who have nurtured this craft of mine from an early age and brothers and sisters who support me even when I don’t believe in myself.”

His drums have taken Dave far from the support of his family, performing often on a global stage.

“I’ve played in Europe the Middle East; Kuwait and Bahrain and Djibouti… and a bunch of countries that I probably would have never gone to otherwise and experience that part of the world,” Dave said. “It’s funny because I could play in front of 10,000 people I don’t know and wouldn’t be nervous… but when it’s your family and they have high expectations of you that you’re, they’re excited that you’re there so you don’t want to mess up.”

For all his touring he’s never forgotten his roots, he’s yearned for more opportunities to perform closer to home on a bigger stage. 

“We have performed in Indiana before; we opened up for Toby Keith once and I think it was Klipsch Music Center at the time… and that was such a huge deal for all of us,” Dave said. “Also played The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but this one’s different though because we’re playing on the tour with Luke Bryan so we’re gonna be playing these kinds of places every night. And I’m not used to that.”

His family will be there for the concert, just like they were back in high school, supporting him in the Noblesville Marching Band

“Oh yeah. They’ll be there loud and proud for sure. I’m prepared to get embarrassed,” Dave said. “If there’s one night that I don’t want to mess up… it would be that one.”

His former band director at Noblesville High School always believed Dave was destined for more. 

“He stood out from the start. I mean he really did. You could tell that he just had a natural knack for music – so it doesn’t surprise me that he would go on and do big things,” Noblesville West Middle School Band Director Stacey White said. “There’s gonna be kids behind me that are doing exactly what Dave is doing someday. To know that he’s playing the drum set – something he absolutely loved even back then… he always loved drumming and to do that on a big-time stage is just huge for Noblesville Schools and for the band department.”

Despite the struggle that comes with the spotlight, Dave says the music is what makes it all worth it. He encourages others to stay the course.

“Don’t quit. You’ll want to. A thousand times,” Dave said. “I still get struck with that sometimes where it’s like, man life as a musician can be really rewarding but can be really hard. If you love it enough, you’ll just you’ll get through those hard times and more good ones will come.”

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