Prolonged winter impacting your lawn

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 4, 2014) — While the impact of this prolonged winter on homes and other buildings may be more obvious, experts tell FOX59 the effect on your yard could be problematic as well.

Even though grass goes into a dormant state to survive Mother Nature’s wintry blasts, Larry Davis of Davis Superior Lawn Care and Snow Removal said problems could exist on the periphery.  Specifically, all the road salt on your street and ice melt in your driveway and walkway could kill off the edges of your lawn.

“Salt is detrimental to vegetation,” Davis said.  “But it’s not a little salt, it’s a lot.  So since we have had this extended winter, we’ve had more snow, more salt [and] so we may have a little runoff.”

Another potential impact of the seemingly longer winter won’t be felt until summer, he said.  Davis explained what really kills grass is drought and weeds.  A shorter spring season leading into the summer drought season means less time for weed control and potentially more problems come August.

Once spring truly begins, Davis recommends getting started on treatment right away, focusing less on fertilizer and more on the weeds.

“So you want to go low nitrogen and high in weed control,” he said.

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