INDIANAPOLIS — Local hardware stores are running out of propane tanks as Hoosiers brace for the cold weather.

Some homes can easily lose power with strong winds and propane can be a great resource for staying warm. Space heaters run on it and it’s also useful to cook food on your grill.

The manager at Fusek’s True Value Downtown says when they run out today – they’re out.

They’re awaiting a shipment of supplies on Friday but fear the winter storm could delay its arrival, which means customers could struggle to find what they need.  

Propane contracts when it’s cold. When we’re experiencing these freezing temperatures like we’re expecting through the weekend, the volume of propane will shrink, creating a loss of pressure. That can be an issue because if it’s too low, the propane won’t be able to reach your gas burner. 

If you rely on propane to heat your home, here is some advice to avoid low propane pressure problems. 

  • Don’t let snow build up on your propane tank
  • Keep your propane at least 30 percent full 
  • And turn down your thermostat. Your furnace or boiler won’t run as often, giving pressure inside your propane tank a chance to rebuild.

Another recommendation is to place a flag or some sort of marker next to your tank so you can spot it in the snow.