Proposed bar raises concerns with plans for ‘bikini boxing’

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PITTSBORO, Ind. (Oct. 29, 2014) – A proposed business is raising eyebrows and concerns in Pittsboro.  People who live there say the talk of the town is about a new bar that could host entertainment events like “bikini boxing.”

“I heard it was going to be a lounge with semi-nude adult entertainment,” resident Jennifer Parker said.

“What we’re hearing is, there’s going to be a boxing, half-nude, where basically they box in bikinis,” local business owner Phil Tucker said.

Word spread after there was a public hearing with the Pittsboro Board of Zoning Appeals earlier this month.  That’s where, people say, they heard a women explain her plans to open a bar with entertainment that would include things like “bikini boxing” inside a vacant space on East Main Street.

The building owner, Nick Dittemore, says he thinks it’s been blown out of proportion.

“The bar is only going to bring business to the town.  It’s a good business proposal by incoming owners of the bar.  They want to bring in music and entertainment,” he said.

Meanwhile, other business owners like Tucker say it’s not the kind of business he hopes to attract to the area.

“I’ve invested and others have invested into our businesses and we don’t want that coming into our town — we don’t know what that’s going to bring here,” Tucker said.

Others say they’re worried because the bar would be near a park.

“It’s going to bring in different people who are not from our community who don’t have their eyes and ears open for the kids,” parent Lisa Kellems said.

The building owner says he doesn’t believe safety would be an issue.

“I don’t think there’s any risk to the community. This location has been a bar for the last 25 to 30 years, outside of a short stint where it was a church over the years.  The church left and we’re looking to put a bar right back in where it was already a bar,” Dittemore said.

“We just don’t see how that’s going to bring improvement to the town,” Tucker said.

The Board of Zoning Appeals will have another public hearing about this issue on November 4th.

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