Proposed German medieval village irks southwest Indiana neighbors

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DUBOIS, Ind. — A proposal to build a replica German medieval village in southwestern Indiana has some neighbors worried about an influx of visitors.

Organizers of the Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival want to build the $5 million village in the small, unincorporated community of Dubois, about 50 miles southwest of Bloomington.

The project would include a castle, banquet hall and other buildings that would play host to the annual festival celebrating the region’s German heritage.

But about 20 people who live near the Dubois County project site have signed a letter saying they oppose the proposal.

Neighbor Alan Matheis tells The (Jasper) Herald the peaceful, rural area would change “if we had 200,000 people coming in here.”

Village planner Catherine LeBlanc says it would be a quiet place most of the year.

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