Prosecutors: Indy couple charged in $720,000 mail fraud scam

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An Indianapolis couple faces a federal indictment for mail fraud. Prosecutors said the couple engaged in a five-year scam that defrauded insurance companies by filing false claims for equipment they never bought.

George Bowman, 43, faces eight counts of mail fraud. Traci Bowman, 42, faces four counts.

Federal prosecutors said George Bowman carried out the scheme between 2008 and 2013. Traci Bowman started taking part in 2009. The Bowmans also convinced other people to join them.

According to prosecutors, the Bowmans would register a company and falsify purchase orders for construction equipment like bulldozers and backhoes. They would then take out—or have someone else take out—insurance policies on the equipment.

After the premiums were paid, the defendants would wait a bit and then report the non-existent equipment as stolen. They even filed false police reports detailing the thefts with the Cleveland Police Department, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Lawrence Police Department.

After reporting the “thefts” to police, they would then file false claims with insurance companies. Prosecutors said the couple received nearly $720,000 in insurance money. They filed a total of $980,000 fraudulent claims over the course of the scheme.

George Bowman used a series of aliases to cover his tracks, prosecutors said, including Evan Medley, Richard Medley, Anthony Medley, James Russell, Gary Williams and Kevin Williams. The companies the Bowmans used to conceal their activities included Clearview Homes, Russbow Builders, Russell Enterprises, TAB Construction, MCL Construction and KJW Displays.

Prosecutors said each defendant faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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