Protecting yourself from after-holiday crimes

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INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 26) — You may be opening yourself a target for criminals and not even know it. Something as simple as throwing out your holiday trash could put you in danger!

Say you got a new TV for Christmas, you’ve opened it and hooked it up. When you put the gift boxes outside for the recycling pick-up, the concern is thieves might see them, and decide they want it.

“Never even thought about it, never would have thought about it, but it definitely makes sense,” said Northwest side resident Ranea Clark.

What brought us to Clark’s house was the boxes, that once contained holiday gifts, left for trash day. Problem is they were left in plain view and police say a burglar may have noticed and saw the items that were inside her home.

“I didn’t think about it until you came to the door and brought it to my attention,” Clark said.

Some may not think about it, but other folks like Angelia Brown, do. She told us what she does to protect herself, which is echoed by metro police.

“We break them all the way down, turn them inside out and then put them outside in the trash,” Brown said. “No point in taking any chances.”

Ranea Clark says she’s not taking any chances now. She carried the bags and wheeled in the trash can to take a second look at safety.

“I would hate for something bad to happen,” Clark said.

On top of breaking down the boxes, IMPD officers suggest putting the smaller boxes in your trash can. IMPD says some businesses may work with you, and allow you to drop them in a dumpster far from your home.

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