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GREENCASTLE, Ind. – Tensions once again rose at DePauw University as students confronted the school’s president, demanding answers for how the administration is handling a string of racially charged incidents.

Roughly 30 students marched into the university’s administration building on Thursday reciting a chant calling for President Mark McCoy’s removal.

“We wanted to show him that listen we’re still here. It’s been a week, but we’re still fighting for our safety,” Vice President for the Association of African American Students Trishaunna John said.

The students say their plan was to force President McCoy to answer their questions and provide a plan for how the administration will handle things moving forward.

Earlier this month, the students reported a number of racially charged incidents including a racist threat found in a restroom at The Inn at DePauw, a homophobic and an anti-Semitic message found in a bathroom, an incident of a student “engaging in offensive behavior at the Duck,”

A racial slur formed by rocks in a park near campus was also reported.

The students have already held a protest in response to the incidents and the administration’s response before, including during a lecture with actress Jenna Fischer.

“It took our protest today to even have a sit-down conversation with President McCoy.  It took a demonstration at a very well-known lecture on our campus for our university to really start to get the ball rolling,” John said.

A spokesperson for the school says the administration made a recent attempt to communicate with the students that went unanswered.

During Wednesday’s protest student leaders of the Association of African American Students say they had a meeting with President McCoy. Kaleb Anderson, association president, says he left the meeting feeling encouraged about some of the things McCoy had to say.

“It was at least good to know from an organizational standpoint that the institution is addressing our demands, and that they have in some sense looked at our demands and are taking them seriously,” Anderson said.

The group said moving forward the will work to apply pressure on the administration to promote transparency and accountability.

FOX59 reached out to the university for comment on the protest and student meeting; a spokesperson said one would likely not be coming by days end.