INDIANAPOLIS — Following the US Supreme Court’s decisions overturning Roe vs Wade, protests broke out nationally and locally. Hoosiers who are pro-abortion choice turned to Monument Circle to rally against the decision.

“Are our rights part of some game?” questioned social studies teacher Noah Leininger while speaking at the protest, “I don’t think so. This isn’t a game to me. Is anyone having a good time? They are coming after abortion today, gay folks tomorrow, trans folks the same day, and they are coming after black folks, and anyone who doesn’t look like me the day after that. That’s messed up.”

Crowds began forming around 5 p.m. Friday evening. Several speakers joined Leininger at a central microphone to voice their displeasure, and to chant with the crowd. Once the final speaker finished, the group began marching around Monument Circle. The crowd could be heard yelling phrases like, “My body, my choice.”

“This isn’t about enforcing abortions for everybody, this is for the right to choose. It’s a basic right,” says protestor Everland Wells.

“It’s poor women. It’s black women. It’s immigrants, who are going to be most effected by this because they don’t have the resources to travel three states away where abortion might be legal in three months,” continues Sam James.

The protests remained peaceful through the evening. Organizers made it a point to address the crowd, asking them to stay away from violence even if they are approached by someone from the opposite viewpoint.