Public defender fired over prostitution sting

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Marion County Public Defender fired a lawyer who prosecutors say tried to trade legal services in exchange for sex.

Christopher Hollander, 36, Indianapolis, has been suspended since the allegations came to light. He was fired Thursday as the result of an internal investigation.

Hollander was charged on Jan. 17 with soliciting a prostitute during an undercover vice operation involving the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Police said Hollander offered legal services to a prostitute in exchange for sex. The prostitute was an undercover officer.

According to officials, Hollander sent a text message to who he thought was an escort. The phone had previously belonged to a woman involved in prostitution, police said, but an officer was now using it.

Hollander said a “former client” told him that the escort had been arrested and that he had “quite a bit of experience with these cases” and would be “happy to help.”

A few days later, officials sent an undercover officer to an area hotel to meet with Hollander. While at the hotel, Hollander discussed several aspects of Indiana’s prostitution laws, court documents said.

Hollander also talked about how police frequently used hidden recording devices to gather evidence, completely unaware that police were recording him at the moment. He went on to say it was difficult to beat cases when there was a recording of the investigation, police said.

When the undercover officer asked about how much Hollander would charge, he reportedly began caressing her hand. According to court documents, Hollander told her that he wasn’t “expecting anything, but you know… if you wanted to talk about things for me too, that would be okay.”

Court documents said Hollander stood up and tried to kiss the officer. Police rushed the room when he started unbuttoning his shirt.

Police said Hollander told them he was an attorney and would likely lose his license. He reportedly asked them if they could give him a ticket instead.

Hollander eventually agreed to “say everything to give [police] a case I can’t get out of.” He then admitted guilt, police said, saying he had hoped to have sex with the supposed-escort in exchange for providing legal services.

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