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Mass shooting survivors join Hoosiers in march to end gun violence

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Dozens of people hit the Indianapolis pavement for a peace walk Saturday, including a survivor of the Pulse Nightclub shooting from 2016 and a survivor of the 2018 Santa Fe High School shooting.

They were here to support We LIVE Indy and Circle Up Indy as they marched in a peace walk to raise awareness about gun violence.

People with all different backgrounds came together for the cause.

“100 people die every single day from gun violence. Those are not just 100 people. That’s not just a number, those are lives. Those are futures. Those are families. Those are communities that have been ripped apart,” Pulse Nightclub survivor Brandon Wolf said.

Gun violence is something Wolf came face-to-face with three years ago in Orlando at Pulse Nightclub.

“It’s hard to understand what’s going on. By the time I realized the second round of gunfire had broken out, I made a snap decision with folks in the bathroom with me to lock arms and make a run for the door,” Wolf said.

Wolf says the only way to make change happen is to put a human face to the tragedy. It’s why he was in The Circle City today participating in the peace walk.

“We can’t have pockets of communities or states here and there doing their own thing and try to solve the problem by themselves because you can transport guns anywhere,” Wolf said.

Mass shootings aren’t the only obstacle in America. Gun violence is in everyone’s backyard.

“I realize there are systemic issues that cause gun violence, and you know, day by day and step by step we are attacking them,” said We LIVE Indy Founder Brandon Warren.

Until change comes, people will march and shout until they’re heard. They also want something done.

“That’s really where we are as a country. That gun violence will at some point touch every single community because we fail to do something about it. We refuse to act,” Wolf said.

Mayor Joe Hogsett says the city is working to prevent gun violence.

He said no community can let their guard down until that day comes we can get all of the guns out the hands of people who have no business possessing them.