Puppies found abandoned in tote on Indy’s near east side

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An animal rescue organization wants to know who left two puppies in a tote and dumped them outside of a clinic.

A group of volunteers spotted a tote outside the FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic on the city’s near east side around 9 p.m. Monday.

“She went out to see what that was, and her heart just sank as she saw there were two little puppies inside,” said Tara Harris, director of Every Dog Counts Rescue.

Both puppies were underweight and had parvovirus. Only one of the puppies survived.

“The one little girl unfortunately didn’t make it through the night. She was already very cold by the time they found her, so she was hospitalized. Despite efforts to save her, she passed away. The other one is still hanging in there with us so far,” said Harris.

Harris is the director of Every Dog Counts Rescue.  She’s certain the surviving puppy was found just in time.

“Even the one that is alive with us now, I think she may have died being out in the cold all night,” said Harris.

There was nothing in the tote with the puppies—no food, no water, not a single blanket.

“To not even give them a towel or a blanket to try to keep warm was even more heartbreaking,” said Harris.

Vet techs at Noah’s Animal Hospital showed FOX59 the surviving puppy.  She was wrapped up in a purple blanket and still shaking.

“There’s no excuse to just abandoned puppies like this,” said Harris.

The pit bull puppies are about six weeks old, and whoever dumped them clearly didn’t care.

“If you can’t do it yourself, you have to reach out for help. Abandoning animals is cruel, and it’s a crime,” said Harris.

This puppy doesn’t have a name yet. Harris and all the others who are caring for her know she deserves a strong and special name for what she’s been through.

The Every Dog Counts Rescue organization contacted law enforcement.  If you know anything that could help find whoever abandoned these puppies, call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4622.

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