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WEST LAFAYETTE – The cost of tuition continues to go up at many institutions, but that’s not the case at Purdue University.

Purdue officials announced Friday that they would institute a two-year freeze on tuition rates and most fees at the West Lafayette campus. The university said 1976 marked the last time Purdue didn’t raise tuition.

In-state undergrads pay $9,900 a year, which includes tuition and fees for technology, repair and rehabilitation, student activity and student fitness and wellness. Out-of-state students pay $28,702. International students pay $30,702.

According to university data, tuition increases over the past decade have averaged about six percent.

The tuition freeze applies to Purdue’s West Lafayette campus. Tuition at each of Purdue’s three regional campuses is determined separately.

“I have found a broad consensus among faculty and staff to put the interests of our students and their families first,” said President Mitch Daniels. “In this period of national economic stagnation, it’s time for us to hit the pause button on tuition increases. Our students and their families deserve a high-value education that they can afford. We will fit our spending to their budgets—not the other way around. Purdue is a national leader in the value of its degrees and we intend to increase that value further.”

Daniels hopes to make affordability and value Purdue’s top priorities. He plans to focus on administrative efficiency to keep costs down.

While tuition will not go up, the university previously voted to increase the student activity and student fitness and wellness fees.