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By Kendall Downing

WEST LAFAYETTE – Three days after a student was killed on campus, some students questioned how their professors responded to the incident.

FOX 59 spoke to 2 students who did not want to be identified. They said they were confused about what to do because they could not get answers from their professors on what to do, during the shooting.

“We just asked her, ‘can we at least lock the doors?’ She said, ‘well the doors cannot be locked, so, we’re just going to continue having lecture’,” the student said.

Both students hope Purdue University officials will listen to them and require their faculty to receive additional training.

“Class was over and at that point the professor was like, ‘oh you guys can leave’. We stood up and we were like ‘no we have a shelter in place. We’re not supposed to leave’. He didn’t even know what shelter in place meant,” the second student said.

From the beginning, Purdue police officers stressed Tuesday’s shooting at the electrical engineering building was an isolated incident. They said their campus is a safe one.
Purdue classes were cancelled the remainder of Tuesday and Wednesday.

“I know a lot of kids didn’t even want to go back to class because they said I no longer feel safe at Purdue knowing that there’s no plan in case of an emergency,” the second student said.

One of the students told FOX 59 her professor apologized. Her class spoke to various faculty members on Thursday, but she still said she would feel better after more is done.

“You don’t think it’s going to happen to you. (You) don’t want to think it’s going to happen to you, but that doesn’t excuse not being prepared for it,” the first student said.

Since the shooting, President Mitch Daniels has responded to various concerns via from parents. He assured them he has been in contact with public safety officials.

In an email he wrote in part, “We have a good understanding of the many actions and protocols that went exactly as they should have and have identified others that could benefit from review or revision”.

President Daniels said they work with their faculty to reinforce how to respond to emergencies. He said their team is constantly reviewing their protocols. The university announced they will put together a team that will review their response to this situation.

In the letter he continued saying, “From the early feedback we have received, it appears that the overwhelming majority of faculty acted in accordance with procedure. But that is of little consolation to students whose experience was otherwise”.