Push for arrest after car drives through protesters in Mishawaka


MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Just as Monday night’s demonstration in support of Vauhxx Booker was winding down, a car drove through protesters and injured two people.

A similar incident was reported in northern Indiana. A car drove through a crowd of protesters in Mishawaka on Saturday and hit multiple people.

It happened while people were marching on Main Street Bridge for racial injustice.

According to The Tribune, police had blocked off the area for the protesters with cones, but the SUV drove over the cones and into the crowd.

One of the protesters ended up in the hospital.

Witnesses believe the driver targeted the crowd.

Now activists and members of the community are calling on police to take action against the driver.
They want his name released and charges filed.

According to The Tribune, police have identified and questioned the driver, but he has not been arrested.

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