Quick actions by boy, lifeguard helps save 5-year-old’s life


WESTFIELD, Ind. – A 7-year-old Westfield boy is being hailed a hero after saving his brother from drowning.

Sunday afternoon at the Maramack Clubhouse pool took a dangerous turn for a five-year-old boy when he began to drown. 

That’s when his brother jumped in to help.

“The child’s brother, just two years older than him, saw he was in destress and struggling and submerged, pulled him to safety and shouted for lifeguards,” said Patrick Hutchison, EMS Division Chief for the Westfield Fire Department.

Lifeguards and bystanders immediately started compressions until first responders arrived. 

Tyler Miller, whose only been a lifeguard for one month, says it’s an important reminder to parents ahead of the holiday weekend.

“It’s simple, but watch your kids,” Miller said. “You may think they’re good swimmers, but this happened in the shallow end of the pool. Anything can happy so stay vigilant.”

“This could have easily been a traumatic outcome but luckily the trained people on the scene were able to do what they needed to do,” said Captain Jason Maners with the Westfield Fire Department.

Officials say always have a floating device nearby and never swim alone.

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