Quilts with patches from police departments all over the world presented to family of fallen Deputy Pickett

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BOONE COUNTY, Ind. — It’s a gesture months in the making. Indy Going Blue gifted quilts to the family of fallen Hoosier hero, Boone County Deputy Jacob Pickett, Tuesday night.

“It’s an honor. It’s also upsetting. There’s a gamut of emotions. But mostly, it is one of support,” Indy Going Blue president Angi Cheeseman said.

Behind each blanket, each patch, each stitch, and each moment of effort put into making them is a sign of just how much support Deputy Pickett’s family has standing with them.

He was killed in the line of duty in March. Since then, Indy Going Blue collected over 1,000 patches from each Indiana county sheriff’s department, all 50 states, Canada, Italy, England and Australia. Volunteers turned the patches into quilts.

“It’s so easy for me to do, I’m not the one that puts on a uniform and goes out and protects the public so just me being able to give back and provide something that’s meaningful to someone, that protects and serves my family and me,” volunteer Lisa Lueck said.

The family of fallen Terre Haute Police Officer Rob Pitts presented the quilts to the Pickett family.

“We know exactly what they’re going through each holiday, birthday, you know, the quilt presentation,” Greg Pitts, the brother of fallen Officer Rob Pitts, said. “Fortunately, there’s not a lot of people that have had to go through this, but there’s been too many. So we try to help each other just to be able to cope with it.”

Pitts and his family presented the quilts during Deputy Pickett’s niece’s 6th birthday celebration. They made her quilt, which will serve as a memory of her uncle, with bright colors.

“It’s a family nobody wants to be a part of but unfortunately we are a part of that family, so you know it’s just good to be able to pick up the phone once in a while and text them and see how they’re doing. You know you’ve got these feelings going through your own emotions and when you can pick up your phone and talk to them knowing that they’re feeling the same way, it’s just kind of a balance,” Pitts said.

They also presented quilts  to the sheriff, Deputy Pickett’s parents, and K-9 Brik.

“I think with my brother and I think with Jake that that’s what they would want is to be able to pick yourself up, go on and not be down all the time still be able to make good memories and that’s what we’re trying to do,” Pitss said.

Indy Going Blue is now collecting patches for the families of fallen Charlestown Police Sgt. Bertram and fallen Rising Sun Police Chief Hewitt.

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