Race fans should expect improved security measures at the track

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SPEEDWAY – Race fans should expect to arrive at the track early this week in order to try to park without any problems and avoid lines at the gates.

The two days race fans need to worry about are Carb Day and the Indianapolis 500 because it should be packed with people.

“It’s going to be a great race day and if the weather looks (like it does) right now, it should be a terrific one,” IMS President Doug Boles said.

Race fans noticed new security measures last year like cooler size restrictions and other checks. Those same restrictions will be in place this year, too. Boles said they implemented new security measures because of the Boston Marathon bombings. Some race fans complained about waiting in long lines last year, causing them to miss the start of the race.

Boles said their team has improved the plan and the staff has had more training.

“So, we created new gates. We opened up more gates than last year. We have more lanes per gate. We’ve also gone through the way that folks go through. We’ll look at coolers and we’ll (look) at tickets at a different point, as they get through the gate,” Boles said.

Race fans should remember to bring a cooler that is 14x14x18. Do not stack coolers and only bring one per person. Larry Graham said he did not have any issues last year.

“I (didn’t have a) problem with (my) cooler. I mean, as long as you’re not dragging along a refrigerator behind you, I mean, you are fine,” Graham said.

Another race fan said she has not had any issues this year. She does not stay in town to watch the Indianapolis 500, but spends the week before the Indianapolis 500 here with her husband. She wants people to be patient on Sunday.

“I’d say you (should) come knowing that you’re going to have your coolers checked. Respect the yellow shirts because they’re there for your safety,” she said.

Boles said people should try to head out to the track on Sunday before 10 a.m. He said there usually is a rush of people trying to get through the gate between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. As far as parking, Boles said people need a parking pass to park inside the track. He suggests that people park outside and leave early in order to avoid any problems.

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