Race kart stolen from 12-year-old before big race


INDIANAPOLIS — A 12-year-old boy is the victim of theft after his race kart was stolen, just one night before his big championship.

Carson Smith said his mom went to pick up his go-kart and was shocked to find nothing at all.

The young racer said it was missing along with the entire trailer that it was in. Tools were inside, a tent, chairs — $25,000 worth of items.

“She called me to tell me that the trailer was stolen, and I was just devastated and super sad to hear about it,” Carson said. “I was having a really good rookie year… Top 10, running for Rookie of the Year, running for the Iron Man Award, and it got stolen the night before the championship.”

Once his friends heard what happened, the Junior Faskart leaguer was surrounded by a team who cared within minutes.

“The community came together and helped me race. One of my fellow racers…” Carson said, “she let me use her car for the championship.”

The rookie had an amazing finish. Eighth place out of 44 other drivers. Even with his impressive rank, Carson admits he is sad about his missing go-kart.

“We worked on it after every single race. We made sure it was safe. We did nut and bolt. We changed the oil. We did everything,” he said. “My mom was the main mechanic. She was the one who helped us lift it off and everything. She did all the work, and she had to learn how to do it.”

Carson promises he is not mad at whoever stole his kart. He just wants it back.

“If you know anything, if you’ve seen something suspicious, just please contact us or the police,” Carson asked.

Carson is hoping that if his kart is returned, he can hang it up. Winning side with all his stickers shining out.

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