Rainbow of Hope Project spreading hope to Hoosiers


CARMEL, Ind. — A local artist is using her talents to spread hope through the Rainbows of Hope project.

Like most Hoosiers, Marilyn Gatin has been stuck inside her house and feeling a little hopeless during 2020.

She’s seen the coronavirus pandemic impact lives and seen people taking to the streets fighting for racial equality.

Gatin knows she’s not alone, so she decided to start a new art project to make these rainbow panels.

“After every big storm hopefully there’s a big rainbow,” Gatin explained.

She cleaned and painted them. In her opinion the rainbow is a symbol of hope.

She’s hoping to donate these panels to area organization to spread a little hope to them too.

“I would really love it if some kid sees this an decides not to commit suicide because they see there’s another life out there and there’s hope,” Gatin said.

Gatin already plans to donate one of them to Trinity Haven, Indy’s first residential facility to help LGBTQ young people who are at risk of homelessness. 

She’s hoping to have them all donated by mid-October.

If you’re interested in one for your organization reach out to her here.

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