INDIANAPOLIS — Drivers taking 56th St. to get onto I-465 Northbound are going to start seeing orange barrels where they don’t want to.

Just after the morning rush hour Tuesday, construction crews closed down the ramp from 56th St. to NB 465. The ramp will be closed through 2024, nearly two years from now.

“That’s a long time,” said Tom Pearson. “I wish they could do it quicker because we’ve already had a lot of other areas shut down all over the city and it’s created a lot of extra time commuting.”

Pearson works in construction and drives all over Indianapolis, including a lot around the Clear Path 465 project, which has already seen several other closures. We spoke with him as he was filling up his truck in between job sites.

“It’s a timing challenge,” Pearson said. “Making sure you’re not in those areas at certain times of the day and it just takes a lot longer to get to the job sites and costs me money.”

Mikhail Grayson is another frequent traveler of the 56th St to I-465 NB ramp. She first heard about the closure when talking to FOX59. She said she was shocked.

“I have to get on 465 because I have to go to Castleton for different things, Fishers for different things, family, friends, work,” Grayson said. “Everything is that way.”

Grayson said the closure will add at least another 20 minutes onto her commute each day.

“If I am this shocked, I would imagine there are going to be a lot of people that are going to be shocked tomorrow morning,” Grayson said.

Here is a map of the closure from the Clear Path 465 website. The ramp you see in red will be closed through 2024. INDOT spokesperson Kyleigh Cramer said this will help to keep crews and motorists safe as construction on the 465 project continues in that direction.

There is good news for drivers in this area, access to Shadeland Ave from 465 NB and 56th street will remain open. 

Cramer said this will bring an increase in construction crews in the area so make sure you’re paying attention.

“Please ensure that you are putting your phone down, making sure you are driving hands-free,” she said. “It’s the law.”

Clear Path 465 has been going on for just more than a year now. The project is adding lanes to I-465 and reconstructing the interchange with I-69.

Cramer is asking drivers to be prepared when they leave home. It will take a few days for the closure to show up on GPS apps.

“We definitely recommend downloading our TrafficWise app to see the best condition, the best route for you,” Cramer said.

INDOT is not recommending a detour to get around the on-ramp closure. Cramer said this is because so many people use the area from all over the city.

“It’s really what best suits you,” she said. “Whatever you find that best suits you.”

The 56th St. ramp to NB I-465 is set to reopen in 2025. The entire clear path project is on track to finish at the end of 2025.