Rare monkey born at Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

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FORT WAYNE, Ind.—The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo welcomed a new addition to their family.

A very rare baby Javan gibbon—one of only two born in the United States in the past year –was born in the zoo’s Indonesian Rain Forest.

Zoo officials said the mother, Dieng, spends her time holding her new baby tightly to her chest as she swings from branch to branch.

“We are thrilled with the birth,” said animal curator Mark Weldon. “Dieng is being a good mother and the baby appears healthy.”

The baby, who has not been named yet, is the son of father Lionel and the sibling of big brother Jaka, who was born at the zoo in March 2011.

“Jaka is curious about his new sibling, but Dieng is also very protective,” said zoo keeper Kristen Slinger.

The Javan gibbons will only be outdoors for limited time periods when the temperature is above 60 degrees.

“We just want to play it safe and make sure the baby is ready to move into the big exhibit before we give them complete access,” Sliger said.

Javan gibbons are rare in zoos and in the wild, with fewer than 4,000 on the island of Java. Read more about the Javan gibbons here.

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